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Kinman Farms Black Angus Freezer Beef is Back by Popular Demand!
Place an order for a front or hind quarter, or combination of the two(half of a half), half, or whole beefs now!
Kinman's Black Angus Beef Facts
Home grown-hand fed cattle.
No steroids or growth hormones.
Raised on premium corn and orchard grass.
Our beef is a high quality beef, including hamburger, sirloins,T-bones, & Porterhouse Steaks at a reasonable price!
$1.60/lb Hanging Weight
Approx. $.50/lb processing charge
  • Hanging Weight is Approximately 60% of the Live Weight.
  • We butcher our Angus between 1000-1200lbs live weight.
  • Packaged beef after processing is approximately 60-70% of the hanging weight.
  • Front Quarters $1.40/lb
  • Rear Quarters $1.80/lb
  • $100 deposit/quarter    (half beef=$200)
  • Balance due on date of pick up.
Our butchers are Wayne's Meats(Milan,IN).  We deliver to the Butcher and then you make arrangements for cuts of meat and pick up with them.
Try it Out~You will never buy beef from the Grocery again!
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