Kinman Farms  - Spring Plants, Vegetables, Fall Festival, Christmas Trees

Fruits and Veggies at the FARM
Open Daily 9am-5pm

Tomatoes qt Basket $5
Peaches qt Basket $4  .75each
Peaches 1/2 bu. $25
Green Tomatoes $1.50lb
Sweet Silver King Corn $6 dozen. .50/each
Green Beans Stringless Blue Lake qt $2, 1/2peck $6
Green Beans Bushel $30
Onions red, white, or yellow $.075each
Cherry and Grape Tomatoes qt basket $2
Zucchini 2/$1
Bell Peppers 2/$1
EggPlant $1

Other Fresh Items
Homemade Jams,Jellies,Pickles,Relish
Ground Beef, Grass Fed on the Farm $5/lb
Pork Sausage $5/lb
Free Range Brown EGGS $3.50/dozen
Honey 1lb bottle $5.50
Don't Forget.. Our Patio is open if you would like to pack a lunch and have a picnic
.... The Petting Zoo Barn is open and Free to our customers!

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