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Picnic Shelter Area Rental
Available June through September 15th
Weddings, Corporate Parties, Graduations, etc.
*Exclusive use of the picnic shelter area located toward the back of our Farm.
*Both the Large and Small Shelters with Picnic Tables
*Kitchen area (2 refrigerators, tables, Grills, and Storage area)
*Games: Volleyball, Tether ball, Corn Hole, Golf Toss
*Covered Stage
*Large Concrete Dance Floor
*Playhouses with Swings and Slides
*Bonfire Pits with Park Benches
*Trash Cans/ Bags
All buildings are wired with Lights and Outlets.
Picnic Tables to accommodate 175 guests.
A Clean Porto-let with a hand wash Station.
Ample Parking
The area can be rented during any hours, however our local Noise Ordinance will not allow amplified music beyond 10pm.
Cooking and Eating Utensils (Spatulas, Plates, Knives, etc), Roasting Forks
$1400 up to 150 guests
$1600 150-250 guests
$2000 250-350 guests
Gazebo on the Lake $400
Includes up to 150 white chairs.

$135/ standard
$175/ handicap
One Porto-let is included in the base price
Hayride Shuttles $50/hr
Your guests can park in our front lot.
(Next to the barns and greenhouse)
A tractor and hay wagon will shuttle guests to and from the Picnic Shelter Area
Please Fill out the Request Form Below. Once received, we will be contacting you to confirm and to answer any questions.
Once confirmed we will ask for a deposit of $500
(that will be applied to your event)
We will also ask you to sign and return a copy of our Rental Agreement
This is a new concept for Kinman Farms. Please comment on our idea and service to help make this a great place!
Picnic Shelter Request Form
Email Address
Phone Number
Date Request for your Party or Event
What type of event do you plan to have? Approximately how many guests?
Other comments or questions.

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